Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Love Me Nots- October's Uber Awesome BOTM

"The Love Me Nots have evolved into a powerful, seductive, melodic rock outfit. The garage doors are now open."
-Rolling Stone (France), "The Love Me Nots: Band on the Run" (June 2011)
"The Love Me Nots are tough and grimy as all get-out."
- Billboard
"Critics' Pick: Best Frontperson of 2010, Nicole Laurenne of The Love Me Nots."
- Arizona Republic
“One of the few garage rock revivalists that ranks with its storied influences.”
-LA Weekly, “Music Pick of the Week”
"Enthusiastic as hell. Novices should be conquered automatically."
- Rolling Stone (France)
"The Demon and The Devotee: A magnificent accomplishment, in technicolor. FOUR STARS."
- Rock & Folk (France)
"The Demon and The Devotee is the band's best record to date…something to drink to but also something to think to."
- Phoenix New Times, "Eight Best Local Records of 2011 (So Far)"
"Stunningly feverish. One of the most exciting acts of the moment. DETROIT: Disc of the month."
- Rolling Stone (France)
"The Demon and the Devotee represents a sizable sonic leap forward for the Love Me Nots, proving their undeniable relevance as a modern band."
- Flagstaff Live! (cover story)
"This Phoenix quartet turns a garage schtick into white heat."

Based in Phoenix and produced in Detroit by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Electric Six, Dirtbombs), The Love Me Nots feature the purrs and howls of singer-organist Nicole Laurenne, the raunchy guitar work of Michael Johnny Walker, rock-solid bass lines by Kyle Rose Stokes, and the furious pounding of Jay Lien. Bassist/guitarist/singer Sophie Opich recently joined the touring lineup and adds yet another layer of vocal, musical, and visual energy on stage.
Formed in 2006, the DIY quartet has released four full-length albums, gone into heavy rotation on Sirius Radio, charted in the CMJ Top 100, had tracks placed on television shows (Rescue Me) and compilations (The Coolest Songs In The World), performed live on American radio (KUPD, WFMU, KEXP, etc), saw the re-release of its entire discography on Europe’s Bad Reputation Records imprint, and was featured in a four-page cover story in Rolling Stone (France) this year. The Love Me Nots regularly tour in Europe and the United States.

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