Friday, November 18, 2011

About Fing Time--November Band of The Month- The Distortionists

The Distortionists from Tucson AZ consist of three people (caucasian males) who play music in the vein of "garage punk". Whatever that is. These 3 caucasian males used to play in some other bands that aren't around any more and play the following instruments: 4 string electric bass guitar, 6 string electric guitar and trap set. All three members sing at various times, although they do perform instrumentals. The lyrical content is primarily light hearted parodies of real life experiences. Clever. Many who hear The Distortionists for the first time say they have enjoyed some of their material. Many comments include the following phrases: "fascinating" "... really good" and "oh wow". They play out frequently. Mostly at night. I have enjoyed them live on several occasions and have found that i like them. Some people who have seen them have said that they were just ok.

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