Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Artist of The Month- Logan Greene

Logan Greene is an alt-country/folk/pop singer-songwriter from Tucson, AZ. He's been playing solo around the southwest for the past five years and is continuing to challenge himself in both music and in life. Logan is constantly on tour with one of his many projects including Logan Greene & The Bricks, Doctor Dinosaur and Gashcat. Formerly, he was in Tucson bands such as Boogie Nazis, The Devil's Sideshow, Shotgun Royale/Bonegun plus many more. He spends between 100-150 days of the year on tour and in his spare time he is booking local Tucson shows for touring bands. Locally, he runs Low Gun Booking which is a NO-profit booking company that books touring bands in Tucson.

Logan Greene helps coordinate Brootal Sun Fest in Tucson that is going on its third year. Artists of past years include Andrew Jackson Jihad, Peachcake, Kind Of Like Spitting, Watercolor Paintings, A Billion Ernies, The Wild and TONS more. Recently, started a local record-label called Diet Pop Records out of Tucson. Artists on this roster include Logan Greene & The Bricks, Gashcat, Ex-Cowboy, French Quarter and more. Currently he is working on a new 2-piece alt-country project called Tumbleweed & Jackalope.


You can download the song "Don't Wanna Break" from Logan Greene & The Bricks here:


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