Sunday, July 10, 2011

July Band of The Month- Big Treat

Big Treat is an Alternative rock band that started in June 2010 as just a thought in the minds of Connor Norris and Chazz Straziscar, two fifteen year olds living in the suburban city of Gilbert, Arizona. Having a love of punk rock music, these two guitar players decided to start a band that goes against the dominant screamo scene of Arizona. With the addition of Austin Cooper on drums in September 2010, the guys played their first show on January 15, 2011 to a good turnout at the world famous Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona. Even though they were the only band on the bill that wasn't a screamo band, they managed to keep the audience's attention and take it for a ride through the rock and roll world. Throughout the next couple of months, Big Treat's sound would slowly change from the initial punk rock mood they wanted to maintain, to a more alternative rock type of mood, as the band was now taking up a sound influenced by 90's grunge bands such as Nirvana and the Pixies.
Over the course of 6 months, Big Treat has played at many music venues around Arizona, including The Clubhouse, The Nile Theater (twice), Chasers, and Skrappys. The three have also played with known local bands, such as Rook, Johnathan Sakas, and Born From the Sea, as well as national acts such as The Queers, The Apers, Danny Secretion (of The Secretions), and Dun Bin Had.

"We don't like you. We have been urban for about two months now. We went to a doctor for it. We want to grow up to be circus clowns. We all reside in the Gilbert/Chandler area of Arizona. We don't have a bassist-we got a mini fridge instead. However, the glory of amp settings allow Chazz to mimic bass on recordings. We are poser punks.
We used to be punk, and by "used to be," I mean back in January/February. Ever since then, our sound has been slowly changing. I mean, sure, we do have some punk ethic to us, like the DIY method we use to record our songs, but as for our sound, the vibe has been changing. We used to have a good punk vibe and feel, but, like I said, it slowly changed. Then it was like SNFU, you know? Where you could still be classified as punk but not actually sound punk. I guess you could call us alternative, but not the kind that has these poppy songs. I personally think our songs are good, but not like alternative rock would want. Screw it, we're a metalcore band."

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