Monday, June 13, 2011

June Band of The Month- What Laura Says

Phoenix, Arizona based-band, What Laura Says' Bloom Cheek is the group's second full-length record. Quite a bit more focused than their patchwork debut record, Thinks and Feels, Bloom Cheek plays out as a layered, lush and vibrant journey from start to finish. The album was released in July, 2010, on Raleigh, North Carolina-based label Terpsikhore Records - creation of indie darlings, the band Annuals and run by bassist Mike Robinson.

What Laura Says Thinks and Feels was the original tongue-in-cheek moniker created in 2003 by founding band members James Mulhern and Danny Godbold. The acoustic duo played for years at coffee houses and house parties in the Phoenix area until 2006, when they joined forces with the accredited rhythm section of Mitch Freedom and Greg Muller, as well as like-minded multi-instrumentalist Jacob Woolsey.

This combining of friends and forces resulted in a full five-piece American band in the truest sense. What Laura Says' layered song writing and instrumentation melds together the sounds of psychedelia, pop, blues, Americana, and indie rock delivering a fresh sonic experience both vintage and contemporary in tone.

The band has toured nationally with Annuals, Dear and The Headlights and Jessica Lea Mayfield playing the stages of The Bowery Ballroom (NYC), The Orange Peel (Asheville), The Parrish (Austin), The Troubador (LA), The Doug Fir Lounge (Portland) - and is a familiar friend in Austin at SXSW Music Conference. They have also shared the stage with Dr. Dog, My Morning Jacket, Lou Reed, Yo La Tengo, MGMT, Yeasayer, Delta Spirit and White Rabbits to name a few.

"The fast-paced, playful pop songs from the Arizona-based band What Laura Says are utterly infectious, full of quirky vocals and banged out piano chords." - NPR

"[WHAT LAURA SAYS are] amazing musicians, have zero boundaries and their music is full of so many surprises, not just from song to song, but within a single song. I love this band" - Devendra Banhart

"What Laura Says and the music it makes tends to feel like a bundle of nerves and agitation and apprehension that cannot be reasoned with, just witnessed, almost as a voyeur. It feels as if a lifetime's worth of passion and real living is getting crammed into these pieces of time that they put together around an idea or a phrasing of an idea." - Daytrotter

"That wasn't what I thought it would be."

Having just broken free of the spring thaw, Phoenix's What Laura Says pops up with TALK, a brand new four song record the band hatched in their home state with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studios (The Ataris, The Format, Dear and the Headlights, Gospel Claws) and freshly mastered in Los Angeles by none other than esteemed audio legend Bernie Grundman (THRILLER, The Chronic, Aja, Purple Rain).

Conjuring the spirit of the Valley’s soul – the drummed-up blues of Chico Chism, the dusty funk of Michael Liggins, Dyke and the Blazers, and “Mighty” Mike Lenaburg – the band chipped off a small chunk of their expansive body of work and took to the studio for a marathon week of recording during the sunny Phoenix winter. The result is this budding new take on the same well-worn eclecticism that has shaped What Laura Says from the very start.

Songs from the band’s first two records, Thinks & Feels (2008) and Bloom Cheek (2010) are starting to take hold in the American mainstream, the latest testament being a placement of their rollicking blues-dirge Keep Running Shoes Special in the Showtime series Shameless (

June 11th The Compound / Phoenix, AZ
June 13th Dickies Sounds In- Studio Performance /
June 13th The Bootleg Theater / Los Angeles, CA
June 15th The Standard Hotel / Hollywood / Los Angeles, CA

We will be announcing more dates soon.

TALK is available for ORDER now at



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