Monday, November 1, 2010

November Artist of The Month Brent A. Petrie

I'm a lifelong resident of AZ, and have been playing in bands here for the last twelve years. The two most notable (although not really notable) would be The Divebombers, which featured one Elmo Kirkwood, son of Curt Kirkwood from the Meat Puppets. The other being France Vs. France, which didn't actually include any rock-star offspring, but people seemed to like us anyways!
After the demise of France Vs. France, I basically decided I was gonna try being a one-man band for a while. So I learned to record myself from home and got to work. On the album, I wrote everything (with the exception of Electronic Counterpoint, which is essentially a re-interpretation of Pat Metheny's re-interpretation of a Steve Reich tune) and played all instruments. As trite as it might sound, my vision for the album was to create something that blurred genre and focused purely on retaining a tangible mood throughout. I drew inspiration from mostly non-musical sources that are referenced by several of the song titles on my album: Beta Minus=Brave New World, Companion Cube=Portal, Teamocil=Arrested Development, etc.
I then learned to master, mastered the album, learned to write html, built myself a website, tracked down a photographer on the internet and convinced him to let my use his beautiful artwork as my album cover. The album is free to download on my website, with an option to make a donation in the amount of the visitor's choosing, half of which I will then donate to the ASPCA. So far, my efforts have garnered me a few album reviews ( I can supply links to those if you like) and a little tiny bit of buzz on some blogs/message boards here and there on the internet.

That's it for me and the album, I guess. I would certainly appreciate your consideration. You can download the album in mp3 form from my website at:

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Otis said...

I've seen this guy live with a few of his other bands (France vs France, The Solvents??) A true humble showman, but his talent speaks for itself. I can't wait to hear what he puts out next!