Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Band of The Month-- Gaza Strip!!!

Started in 2005, Gaza Strip has consistently melted every face set in front of them. They've placed in the top 3 in several "battles" including the acoustic BoB, the Emergenza fest, and their video for the song "Ophelia" won the 2009 Tucson Music Melee. They self released their first full length album "all about the lincolns" in late 2008, with a small pressing of 500 discs. They sold out. They have appeared at almost every rock venue in Tucson including (but not limited to) Club Congress, Plush, The Chicago Bar, and even 2 appearances at the illustrious Rialto Theatre. Recently they were interviewed and featured in an article in Hustler Online.
And at any given time they can be found rocking out, and shaking asses at least once a month in any venue in the Tucson area.

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