Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Life of Science: The Apneist

The Apneist Trailer

"This album," A Life of Science writes on their blog, "The Apneist, is a concept album that will be released alongside a conceptual website and comic book that all follow the same story, followed shortly by a film, novel and much more in 2009. It will be the culmination of the ideas and talents of a fantastic team of musicians, artists, writers and film makers, creating a multimedia experience that will bring our music alive."

A Life of Science debut album The Apneist is set to release on itunes April 28th. Catch them life May 1st at UB's (1911 W Broadway Rd 1, Mesa) with B4 The H8, Ultimate 747, and More!

Check out their website: HERE
Check out A Life of Sciene on MySpace: HERE

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