Thursday, April 9, 2009

April's Artist of the Month: Dfactor

Bio: Dfactor is a rockin' singer/songwriter who writes, sings and records cool, catchy pop-punk-rock songs. A new CD is expected by summer 2009. His most recent CD "Say Yeah!" came out in January 2008. Earlier, Dfactor led Anthemic Pop Wonder (APW). APW played live in NYC, Boston, Washington DC and elsewhere, and released five CDs, including 2000's Party Tarts EP, the well-reviewed 2002 release Rapid Pop Thrills and 2004's followup Supersonic Lullabies.

We will be playing Dfactor thoughout the month on our Wednesday Humpday Promo show (12pm AZ/3pm EST), and watch for an artist interview scheduled later this month.

Check out Dfactor on MySpace or LIVE April 21st at Big Fish Pub (1954 E University Dr., Tempe)

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