Friday, March 13, 2009

Race You There: SRP Garage Band Competition

We foam at the mouth when talking about Race You There on our Humpday Promo Podcast on BlogTalkRadio. These guys (and girl) are amazing musicians/performers and great friends of the show, so we definitely want to help spread the word when they are competing in an awesome local competition and need your votes.

Race You There has made it to the third round of the SRP Garage Band Competition. While I don't believe it's the final round, it is one step closer to winning and an opening spot for 3 Doors Down at the Tempe Music Festival, April 4th.

This televised round takes place this Sunday, March 15th, at Alice Cooperstown (101 E. Jackson, Phoenix, AZ) about 3pm. The winner is determined by judges scores, interactive online voting via your Cox remote (Cox 7 AZ Interactive TV), and online voting (from March 23-March 29)

Cox 7 AZ Interactive TV subscribers can vote with their Cox remote: 3/23 @ 8:30pm, 3/26 @ 8:00pm, 3/28 @ 9:00pm, and 3/29 12:00pm

You can vote online following this link: (I will post the link when it is available) on

Also, if you haven't already, you can download Race You There's EP from their MySpace page FOR FREE: HERE

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