Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Band of the Month: Isle of Essence

Hailing from the hot desert of Phoenix Arizona ‘Isle of Essence’ is a melting pot drawing from such styles as funk, rock, jazz and blues. With this soulful approach, they've fashioned a groove uniquely their own. It’s hard to imagine such a distinct and powerful sound is produced by only four musicians: Duane ‘Da Doc’ Wissler on bass, Jeremy 'Sunstone' Perreira on vocals and guitar, Aaron ‘Iron Clad’ Moore on drums and vocals and Richie ‘FingAZ’ Russo on keys. Only in sharing such a complete understanding & love for one another's music could they produce such intense melodies. When you see them perform live you are drawn in by their obvious love for their craft. Every new face that sees them never forgets them. With a strong belief in the message carried in their music, they simply wish for an opportunity to share it with the world.

You can hear Isle of Essence on our Humpday Promo Podcasts Noon AZ/3PM EST all month, and keep an eye out for a Special Edition Artist Interview to be scheduled soon

Check out Isle of Essence on Myspace: HERE

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