Saturday, April 24, 2010



(Malachai Constant & the Ethical Suicide Parlor)

jaisn - vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, bass, programming

dj stubbie - keyboards, chaos box, programming

sean daniel - guitar, bass

MCESP is an electronic/alternative rock band from Tucson, Arizona. Originally formed in the 1990’s, MCESP has

a strong focus in creating songs with memorable hooks, audible and articulated lyrics in a song structure that is more

traditional in nature when compared to many current electronic bands. Taking cues from artists such as Nine Inch

Nails, Foetus, Depeche Mode, Spiritualized and the Cure, MCESP incorporates elements of early industrial /

post-punk sound design, in a commercially viable format. Classical influence is also evident in the liberal use of

strings and orchestration MCESP inserts into many of their songs.

MCESP was started as a solo project by jaisn. Throughout the 1990’s, MCESP would play in the Tucson and

Phoenix areas, opening for Regional and National acts such Hate Dept., 29 Died, and Christ Analog. The band

quickly became known for memorable performances, often using video, stage choreography, multiple drummers and

generally leaving the stage in absolute chaos.

In 2000, jaisn began recording tracks from the MCESP catalog and independently released “The Automatic Caution

Door” (2000) and later “The Second Law of Moral Dynamics” (2004). While these albums contained tracks that

were played at local Alternative / Industrial clubs, MCESP did not play live and the project was considered a studio

project by jaisn,

Late in 2008, jaisn decided to pull MCESP out of the extended hiatus and combined with long term friend Mike

Sylvian (dj stubbie), who had previously played live for all MCESP shows. A “reunion” show took place November

4th, 2008, which was very well received. The rest of 2008 was dedicated to writing and recording “ threes” which

was released May 5th, 2009. Sean Daniel joined the band as a guitarist / bassist in early 2009. MCESP began playing

out live, headlining shows in Tucson and Phoenix throughout 2009. Currently MCESP runs tightly timed concerts

in a complete multimedia experience with MIDI controlled lighting and video throughout the show. Several

MCESP videos are available on YouTube (

MCESP is currently in the studio, re-recording select songs from the first two albums, previously unreleased material

as well as a couple popular live covers. Using both this and new material, multiple EPs are planned to be released

over the next year, with a full length album arriving mid to late 2011.

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