Thursday, May 14, 2009

AZ Bands Twitter

I have been talking about adding a list of bands that use Twitter to the site. Everyone is doing it these days, and I personally can't get enough of it.

Here is a list names in @ format (example @azoverload which is also known as for those of you not familiar):

Bands with multiple accounts:

A Life of Science: @alifeofscience, @stimul8ed (Angel), @thebigphoof (Scott Passsamonte), @z_real, @jameskeenan (James Keenan)

Anarbor: @anarbor, @AnarborMike (Mike Kitlas), @AnarborJess (Jess Myers), @AnarborGreg (Greg Garrity), @AnarborAdam (Adam Juwig)

Awaking the Fallen: @AwakingtheFalln, @ATFBass (Paul Williams)

The Constellation Branch: @TCBband, @Osicky (Stephan O'Sicky), @zombiepuncher (Bryce Hill)

Crash Coordinates: @crashcoordinates, @erikkobus, @diiskrej (Chris Wahl)

Digital Summer: @digitalsummer, @Digital_Ian (Ian Winterstein), @Digital_Kyle (Kyle Winterstein), @Digital_Guido (Guido), @Digital_Fish (Fish), @Digital_Cooter (Cooter), @TragedyMachine (Wintersteins' side project)

It's Like Love: @itslikejeremy, @itslikemike, @itslikeryan, @itslikegeoff

The Maine: @johnmaine (John O'Callaghan), @kennedymaine (Kennedy Brock), @garrettmaine (Garrett Nickelson), @jaredmaine (Jared Monaco), @patmaine (Pat Kirch)

Race You There: @raceyouthere, @cmdubose (Clarissa), @mr_a_knife (Alex), @jakey7717 (Jake), @stevenmc7 (Steve)

Some Never Sleep: @someneversleep, godissteveperry (Travis), @someneverbleep (Scott)

This Century: @thiscenturyjoel, @thiscenturyalex. @thiscenturyryan

Single accounts:

Babaluca: @babaluca
Back Ted-n-Ted: @backtednted
Beyond the Citadel of Coup de Grace: @bandrewsays
Bionic Jive: @BionicJive
Black Carl: @blackcarl
Breaking Down: @breaking_down
DFactor: @dfactor
Denial Method: @denialmethod
Flyaway Tigers: @flyawaytigers
The Green Lady Killers: @glkrocks
Gunzawless: @gunzawless
Hour of the Wolf: @hourofthewolf
Howitzer: @howitzeraz
Jimmy Eat World: @jimmyeatworld
Juicy Newt: @killerqueen11 (Ann Marie), @juicynewtblog (a band blog done by a friend)
Kinch: @kinch
Limbeck: @limbeck
The Loveblisters: @theloveblisters
The Love Me Nots: @thelovemenots
The Medic Droid: @themedicdroid
Miniature Tigers: @charliebrand
One Star Nite: @onestarnite
Phunkie Phlowas: @PhunkiePhlowas
Psyco Stylite: @psycostylite
Sammus Theory: @sammustheory
Sketching in Stereo: @sisband
Sleepwalk A Robot: @sleepwalkarobot
Small Leaks Sink Ships: @smallleaks
Snail Quail: @snailquail (Mr. Jimmy)
Stiletto Formal: @paulstiletto
Suicide Circus: @suicidecircus
Tugboat: @tugboataz
We Are They: @wearetheyband

Local venues: @modifiedarts, @cricketpavillion, @martiniranchaz, @eikonarts, @brickhouse, @thetrunkspace, @chyroarts

Other great peeps to follow: @phxlocalmusic, @hoodlums, @smartpunk, @stinkweeds, @cdbaby

AZoverload's twitter accounts: @azoverload, @azoverloadprick (Derrick)

I am sure there are many more. If I have left your band's account out, leave it in the comments below and I will be sure to add it to this ongoing list.



Race You There said...

Dayum 2m. Some excellent journalistic work there. You can remove Axelrock, I don't use that one anymore I just use the Race You There account, but you can add @cmdubose (Clarissa), @jakey7717 (Jake), and @stevenmc7 (Steve).

Thanks 2m
Peace and Love

2mara said...

I knew you would set me straight :-). Thanks I got you all updated n stuff

Anonymous said...

Some Never Sleep is on twitter, too!

@SomeNeverSleep, @GodIsStevePerry (Travis), @SomeNeverBleep (Scott)


Dfactor said...

Hey AZ - Would love to be part of your list - I'm @dfactor, blogger at Waved Rumor and local rocker doing some shows...

Dave Brook said...

Nice! Thanks!