Monday, February 23, 2009

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Last Wednesday, during our Humpday Promo Podcast, MPTrax CEO David Sherbow called in to give us the skinny about his online booking platform.

MPTrax is focused on bringing Web 2.0 connectivity to the live music arena, connecting bands, rappers and DJs to venues, clubs and the emerging private and house concerts marketplace. Currently in beta, MPTrax offers a dedicated booking platform, complete with a feedback/rating system, invitation tools, sample contracts and viral and social networking features creating live music connections. -MPTrax help/faq section

David gave tips for Musicians/Bands on how to utilize his site and will be publishing more information on utilizing technology in the music industry soon (follow him on twitter @MusicBizGuy). Listen to the interview* here and check out


*for those of you in a hurry, the interview is at the front of Wednesday, February 18th's podcast

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